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Two Bar Two Ranch Co. of Arthur County, Nebraska

2018 Grassland Conservation Award was presented to the Two Bar Two Ranch Co. of Arthur County, Nebraska. The presentation was made at a December 13th award banquet held at the Haythorn Ranch Figure 4 Traditions Event Center. There to receive the award were Mark and Sandi Wilson and their daughters, Sheridan and Audrey. The family members received an award plaque and an outdoor sign which was sponsored by NebraskaLand National Bank of North Platte.  Pictured from left, NebraskaLand Bank Vice President Hans Julius; Two Bar Two Ranch Co. representatives Mark, Sandi, Sheridan, and Audrey Wilson; Twin Platte NRD Grasslands Stewardship Coordinator Bill Carhart; and Twin Platte NRD Board Chairman Dennis Schilz (Photo by Jeff Headley).


2018 Board of Director Meetings

Agenda January 11, 2018 Minutes
Agenda February 8, 2018 Minutes
Agenda March 8, 2018 Minutes
Agenda April 12, 2018 Minutes
Agenda May 10, 2018 Minutes
Agenda June 14, 2018 Minutes
Agenda July 19, 2018 Minutes
Agenda August 9, 2018 Minutes
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Agenda October 11, 2018 Minutes
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Agenda December 13, 2018 Minutes

2019 Board of Director Meetings

Agenda January 10, 2019 Minutes
Agenda February 7, 2019 Minutes
March 14, 2019 – CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER Minutes
Agenda April 11, 2019 – POSTPONED to April 18, 2019 Minutes
Agenda May 9, 2019 Minutes
Agenda June 13, 2019 Minutes
Agenda July 11, 2019 Minutes
Agenda August 8, 2019 Minutes
Agenda September 12, 2019 Minutes
Agenda October 10, 2019 Minutes
Agenda November 14, 2019 Minutes
Agenda December 12, 2019 Minutes

Bud & Mary Jo Brown, North Platte NE

The Twin Platte Natural Resources District provides technical and cost-share assistance to encourage landowners and land managers in the conservation of our natural resources, which are so valuable to all of us.  Our continuing partnership with the farmers and ranchers in the District will help ensure that we reach our common goals.

The first 100 established trees planted on the Alex Brown & Sons LLC Ranch were from the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey, called the “Charles E Bessey Nursery.”   Trees were made available to farmers and ranchers at little or no cost, under the Clark McNary Act of 1924.  These 100 trees were planted in 1966 by Bud Brown and his parents, Bill and Dorothy Brown.

In the years to follow, 200 to 400 trees were hand planted on an annual basis in several locations by Bud and his parents.  Years later, trees were planted by Bud and his wife Mary Jo, and their children Chad, Julie, Kylie, and Emily. (more…)

Chuck & Shari Flaming, Paxton, NE

Shari Flaming’s grandfather, Bill Sadle, was born in North Platte. In his youth, he worked summers for Buffalo Bill on his “Wild West Show,” and in the late 1920’s he purchased land northwest of Paxton in the north valley. Shari’s father Byron Sadle, more commonly known as Bud, was raised on the homestead north of Paxton. This is where Shari grew up. Bud attended the University of NE and became a County Agent in Gosper County, then later returned to Paxton and bought the land from his dad and started to farm. Throughout the years, Bud purchased more land. In 1972 Chuck Flaming married sweet Shari Sadle. Upon their graduation from the University of NE, they came back to the farm with Bud and his wife Frances, where Chuck was an employee. (more…)

Armstrong Family Farm – Keith County

armstorng-family-farm-2016The Armstrong Family Farm began planting trees for conservation and wildlife shortly after purchasing the farm in northern Keith County in 1991. (more…)

Waits Ranch, McPherson County

waits-ranch-2016In 1972 Vernon and Pauline Waits purchased the ranch operation consisting of 1,280 acres from Vernon’s father, Lee Waits. After several years of leasing rangeland for their livestock operation, Vernon and Pauline purchased an additional 7,720 acres in 1990. In 1991, they began operation of their Uncle Francis Waits’ place which had been the original Waits and Wisner homestead. Following many years of improvements on the ranch, they now utilize 16,000 acres which complement their 1,000 cow/calf operation and the raising of 450 yearlings. With sons Steve and Mike Waits and other family members actively involved in the operation, the Waits Ranch is successful as they continue to use conservation practices on their grasslands. (more…)