Chuck & Shari Flaming, Paxton, NE

Shari Flaming’s grandfather, Bill Sadle, was born in North Platte. In his youth, he worked summers for Buffalo Bill on his “Wild West Show,” and in the late 1920’s he purchased land northwest of Paxton in the north valley. Shari’s father Byron Sadle, more commonly known as Bud, was raised on the homestead north of Paxton. This is where Shari grew up. Bud attended the University of NE and became a County Agent in Gosper County, then later returned to Paxton and bought the land from his dad and started to farm. Throughout the years, Bud purchased more land. In 1972 Chuck Flaming married sweet Shari Sadle. Upon their graduation from the University of NE, they came back to the farm with Bud and his wife Frances, where Chuck was an employee. In 1975 Bud decided to incorporate and the peration became Sadle Cattle Co. Chuck and Shari started to buy stock and eventually became the owners of Sadle Cattle Co. It was important for all the Sadle generations to improve the land and use the newest and best practices for soil conservation. Bud continued the practices, as well as Chuck and Shari, always working to make the land better. With their deep faith in God, they believe it was a blessing to enhance their property. It has taken many years to complete their conservation and restoration projects, and they feel nothing is more gratifying than to drive around in the evening and watch the baby Canada goslings swim in the restored wetlands, or watching the ducks and geese arrive in the fall as they migrate south.

In the 1950’s, Grandpa Bill and Grandma Edda Sadle, and Bud and Frances Sadle, received the Keith County Soil Conservationist Award.

2017 Conservation Award Sadle

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