Most Farms of Ogallala, Nebraska

MostIn 1950 following his high school graduation, Don Most began his career of farming and ranching on the family farm southeast of Ogallala. In 1951 after the death of his father, Don took over the farm. In 1955 he purchased the home place and married Anita Gengenbach, and they have resided there ever since. Two children were born to Don and Anita; Melanie and Samuel. Sam joined the family farm in 1982 following his graduation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Agricultural Economics.

In 1953, Don hand planted a grove of cedar trees on the south side of the farmstead. A second grove of cedar trees was planted north of the farmstead in 1965 and 1966. Irrigation was introduced to the farm in 1974 with the addition of a center pivot. There are now three center pivots on the farm. A new grove of cedar trees was planted by hand on Sam’s place in 1980. It was expanded in 1990 by machine. The windbreak at Sam’s was enhanced by a drip irrigation system and is very valuable in the spring during calving. Also in 1990 another grove was planted on the north side of an irrigated circle. The farm is diversified growing wheat, corn, popcorn, dry edible beans, soybeans, alfalfa, in addition to a small cow-calf operation. No-till dryland corn has been planted for many years conserving moisture.

Since 2004, a strip-till machine has been utilized to plant the irrigated crops as well. Many miles of terraces have been built and re-done over the years to protect the erodible land. There are currently 150 acres of CRP land, with additional acres to be entered in 2006.

Sam and his wife Jody have three children; Micah, Amanda, and Caleb. Don and Anita’s daughter, Melanie, lives in Syracuse, Nebraska. The Most family are active members of St. John’s Lutheran Church southeast of Ogallala.

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