Don & Marcia Colvin of North Platte, Nebraska

ColvinIn the spring of 1975, Don and Marcia Colvin began their farming operation in the Platte River Valley area, located five miles west and two miles north of North Platte, Nebraska. In 1981, they purchased the farm where they now reside. The primary crops of their farming operation include irrigated corn and alfalfa. Conventional farming practices have been replaced over the years with minimum and no-till methods.

Land leveling, conversion to gated pipe, and use of surge valves all have improved and made flood irrigation to their property more efficient for several years. In 1997, the Colvin’s began converting flood irrigated ground to center pivot, which increased efficiency and has conserved water. Trees for windbreaks were planted to provide protection near calving areas and the cattle feedlots. These windbreaks help prevent wind erosion, while also providing habitat for wildlife. Don was involved in the formation of the Nebraska Water Users in 1991.

This organization raised awareness of water issues in Nebraska, and has helped inform the public of the importance of water and irrigation in Nebraska. Don and Marcia are the parents of three children: Rebecca and her husband Jeremy Murphy of Lincoln; Laura of Lincoln; and David of North Platte. Don and Marcia are active members of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in North Platte, and enjoy participating in school and community activities.

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