Greg and Peggy Gade of Lewellen, Nebraska

gadeThe Gade Ranch is located nine miles east of Lewellen on Highway 92. Greg’s parents purchased the land several years ago. Greg moved there after graduating from high school in 1980, and began ranching full-time with his father.

In 1983, Greg married Peggy Stockey. They made their home on the ranch and have lived there for the last 15 years. They have a 12 year old daughter Tara, and a 10 year old son Blake.

Through the years, the Gages have been involved in the planting and nurturing of 2,281 trees, including plum, cedar, juniper, caragana, ash, Austrian pine, and honeylocust.

Methods used for maintenance of the trees include 4,100 feet of water conservation mulch, a drip irrigation system, and hand-watering and replanting as necessary. Greg also poisons gophers on a yearly basis. He feels it is very important to get rid of gophers before you plant trees, to ensure a better survival rate.

Gades started planting trees for livestock protection and wildlife habitat. They also feel the trees have greatly increased the value of the land, as well as creating a beautiful landscape for the ranch.

Greg’s father, the late Clinton Gade, and his wife Velma played an important role in making the establishment of trees possible.

Greg, Peggy, and their children are active members of the United Methodist Church in Lewellen.

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