Broken Box Ranch / Sundstrom Family of Lincoln County, Nebraska
2011 State Award Winner

SundstromThe Sundstrom family has owned and taken care of land in Lincoln County since the early 1900’s. Edward Sundstrom came to the United States from Sweden in 1904. In 1908, he married Christine Pearson in Dawson County. She also was born in Sweden and came to America seeking a better life. They settled on land between Brady and Moorefield and had three sons. Their youngest son, Chester, was born in 1913 and continued an interest in the land and raised cattle. Chester married Thelma Miller in 1940 and lived briefly in California when their son Larry was born. They soon moved back to the “good life” in Nebraska. Two more children, Kay and Raymond, joined the family. They lived many years in the hills between Brady and Moorefield. Larry married Donna Sommer in 1967 and they continued working with the land and livestock. Larry and Donna’s sons Rustin (Russ) and Neil are the 4th generation of Sundstroms to provide stewardship for the land. The boys credit their Dad and Grandpa for the strong conservation education they received from them growing up on the land.