Our Purpose
The purpose of the Twin Platte Natural Resources District shall be to engage itself in a general program of management, development, and protection of the soil and water resources found in the District.
Our Mission & Method

The mission of the Twin Platte Natural Resources District is to be a leader in conserving, protecting, developing, and maintaining the natural resources of the District for the health and welfare of the people of the District.

The methods to meet the responsibility of the Twin Platte Natural Resources District, as authorized by Nebraska statutes, are leadership, technical assistance, cost-sharing, monitoring, data collection, construction, operations, information, education, and regulation.


TPNRD Programs

Chemigation Programs

A guide to the regulations and requirements of Nebraska law affecting chemigators in the Twin Platte Natural Resources District.

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Cost Share Programs

Cost-Share programs are to help private landowners in creating and maintaining conservation programs.

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Education Programs

The water trailer is a hands on educational tool, which the District uses to educate children about water.

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Grasslands & Wildlife Programs

TPNRD encourages stewardship by providing financial assistance for planned grazing systems for conservation.

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Integrated Management Plan (IMP)

TPNRD list of Integrated Management Plans. You can pick up a hard copy of any plan at our office.

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Trees & Conservation Programs

TPNRD offers a variety of conservation services to landowners in addition to providing seedlings.

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Water Programs

Farmers, ranchers, city residents, industry, livestock, and wildlife all depend on NE's most precious natural resource.

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Nitrogen & Water Report Forms

Find links to Nitrogen & Water reports forms for your convenience.

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Nebraska's NRDs

Protecting Lives, Protecting Property and Protecting the Future!

Krab Ranch extra water storage designed for cattle & wildlife

Priorities for Goals

The following priorities are assigned to the goals to designate those areas where the Twin Platte Natural Resources District will place the most emphasis. These priorities reflect need for activity and do not assign importance of any one goal over another.

First Priority
  • Erosion Prevention and Control, and Soil Conservation
  • Prevention of Damage from Flood Water and Sediment, and Flood Prevention and Control
  • Development, Management, Utilization, and Conservation of Ground Water
  • Development and Management of Fish and Wildlife Habitat
  • Range Management
  • Forestry Management
Second Priority
  • Water Supply for any Beneficial Use
  • Development, Management, Utilization, and Conservation of Surface Water
  • Pollution Control
  • Solid Waste Disposal and Sanitary Drainage
  • Drainage Improvement and Channel Rectification
  • Development and Management of Recreation and Parks Facilities