Geisert Family Farm of Ogallala, Nebraska

Soil conservation has always been a big part of this farm operation. Even though primitive efforts were made in the early years, improvements began with some of the first terrraces in Keith County under the newly formed Soil Conservation District. These terraces, which have been built with a John Deere A and a two bottom plow, were seeded to grass and are still in existence today. Currently, 20 miles of terraces have been installed and rebuilt at various times.

Three flood control dams and two miles of grassed waterways have been completed. Since 1995, underground outlets serving 22,000 feet of terraces under center pivot irrigation have been installed. All pivot irrigation land is under a conservation tillage system and irrigation water manaagement program. Proper grazing use is always practiced on all grazing land supporting the cattle operation. Windbreak protection has been an important part of the farmstead. Currently, there are 1,200 mature trees protecting the farmstead.

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