Armstrong Family Farm – Keith County

armstorng-family-farm-2016The Armstrong Family Farm began planting trees for conservation and wildlife shortly after purchasing the farm in northern Keith County in 1991.

Some of the first plantings were through the Game and Parks Living Snow Fence Program.

The plantings of trees included: Easter Red Cedar, Rocky Mountain Juniper, and a variety of shrubs for wildlife. Windbreaks were planted around the buildings and in pivot corners for livestock protection and wildlife habitat.

In 2010 a fire driven by 40 mph winds burned across the farm and destroyed four of the mature tree plantings. The following year, trees were re-planted by machine in three of the groves. Stumps of the burned trees were sheared off at ground level, and 1,375 trees were planted in between the existing rows along with 9,900 feet of water conservation mulch.

Since purchasing the farm there has been 5,325 machine planted trees with 17,500 feet water conservation mulch, and 1,150 trees planted by hand.

Mike Armstrong of Armstrong Family Farm, has two daughters; Sarah Armstrong of Fort Collins Colorado, and Lisa Eakins of Elgin, Oklahoma.

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