Bud & Mary Jo Brown, North Platte NE

The Twin Platte Natural Resources District provides technical and cost-share assistance to encourage landowners and land managers in the conservation of our natural resources, which are so valuable to all of us.  Our continuing partnership with the farmers and ranchers in the District will help ensure that we reach our common goals.

The first 100 established trees planted on the Alex Brown & Sons LLC Ranch were from the Nebraska National Forest near Halsey, called the “Charles E Bessey Nursery.”   Trees were made available to farmers and ranchers at little or no cost, under the Clark McNary Act of 1924.  These 100 trees were planted in 1966 by Bud Brown and his parents, Bill and Dorothy Brown.

In the years to follow, 200 to 400 trees were hand planted on an annual basis in several locations by Bud and his parents.  Years later, trees were planted by Bud and his wife Mary Jo, and their children Chad, Julie, Kylie, and Emily.

Trees were planted over the years for homestead, cropland, livestock, and wildlife protection.  The first machine planted trees were planted around dryland crops on ground purchased in the early 2000’s.  Hand planted trees were planted in established windbreaks throughout the ranch operation, and at the home place south of the South Platte River.
Assorted trees planted include Eastern Red Cedar, Native Cottonwood, and Burr Oak.  Shrubs planted include Common Lilac, Manchurian Apricot, Chokecherry, and Sandcherry.

The North Platte Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Twin Platte Natural Resources District helped with programs throughout the years to make this tree planting journey successful.

Bud and Mary Jo, with the help of their children Chad Brown and family and Emily Allison and family, help with the operations of the ranch.

Bud Brown comments that “trees planted for windbreaks provide tremendous protection in the operation of the ranch.”


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